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Cloth and Memory {2} – Colour and Memory.

One thing that particularly struck me was, with the exception of Yoriko Yoneyama’s work,  the apparent clash between the UK and the Japanese work in the room. This clash seemed to be triggered by a number of things: the physical … Continue reading

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Compromise or just making decisions?

One of the challenges I face repeatedly through my PhD studies is to locate my practice in a wider context.  I am craft-trained and have no first degree in fine art and therefore feel a dilettante in the art studio and … Continue reading

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Cloth and Memory {2}, Salts Mill, Saltaire, 2013.

Cloth and Memory {2}, curated by Lesley Millar, is a textile art ‘blockbuster’ exhibition. Although such exhibitions have been criticised in the past for closing down rather than extending critical debate, in my opinion, they have a significant role to … Continue reading

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A blog to the finish.

It has been suggested to me many times that I should keep a blog to track and locate my progress through my PhD.  I have decided now is the right moment.  This blog aims to record the second half of my PhD, … Continue reading

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