Sensing Spaces

Managed to get to Sensing Spaces before the exhibition finished. Excellent lesson in working with space. Reinforces some of the decisions  I have previously made and my rejection of the project being about working with physical space – I don’t have the experience or the expertise! The exhibition did make clear how much I respond to the proportions of my studio space (conveniently domestic although quite a tight domestic! The home in the head as well as the walls that surround us). A point for future consideration, development, refinement, visual/theoretical exploration?

Sensing Spaces

Li Xiaodong

Fantastic exploration of light and dark by Grafton Architectswonderful pared back simplicity. Loved  Li Xiaodonghidden cell like rooms for contemplation and the wonderful surprise of the Zen garden. Also the only textiles which presented an interesting foil to the use of branches in the construction.

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