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Sensing Spaces Managed to get to Sensing Spaces before the exhibition finished. Excellent lesson in working with space. Reinforces some of the decisions  I have previously made and my rejection of the project being about working with physical space – I … Continue reading

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Bumping into old work.

The process of critical reflection is crucial to research and one of the array of tools necessary to de-personalise practice in practice based research. Creating the means to do this with ones own practice is not always easy. Time and … Continue reading

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Emotional Objects.

I have just spent two very interesting and thought provoking days at the ‘Emotional Objects – Touching Emotions in Europe 1600 – 1900’ conference. Conferences can be fantastic immersive, learning experiences. This conference did not disappoint. Although my study … Continue reading

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Fabric of Britain – The Wonder of Embroidery

Having managed to miss the rest of this short series, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Fabric of Britain – The Wonder of Embroidery’ yesterday on BBC Four. Although once or twice my hackles were raised, this was possibly the best opportunity I … Continue reading

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Cloth and Memory {2} – Colour and Memory.

One thing that particularly struck me was, with the exception of Yoriko Yoneyama’s work,  the apparent clash between the UK and the Japanese work in the room. This clash seemed to be triggered by a number of things: the physical … Continue reading

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Compromise or just making decisions?

One of the challenges I face repeatedly through my PhD studies is to locate my practice in a wider context.  I am craft-trained and have no first degree in fine art and therefore feel a dilettante in the art studio and … Continue reading

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Cloth and Memory {2}, Salts Mill, Saltaire, 2013.

Cloth and Memory {2}, curated by Lesley Millar, is a textile art ‘blockbuster’ exhibition. Although such exhibitions have been criticised in the past for closing down rather than extending critical debate, in my opinion, they have a significant role to … Continue reading

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